Blue, Pepper, & Buck

We had the privilege to start our three-year-old horses, Blue & Pepper, with the legendary horseman Buck Brannaman last July, and an article about this experience was published in the 2014 November/December issue of Eclectic Horsemen.  We really love this form of horsemanship as it puts the horse first and forces the human to communicate with the horse in terms that they understand as opposed to attempting to force the horse to do what you want.  This serves the horse better and in turn serves the human better; a win/win situation.  This is no simple task and requires a life-long commitment to be humble, learn and listen to the horse.  We believe in applying this attitude and stockmanship to our cows as well, with the result being quiet, happy and trusting cows.  Hope you enjoy the article.

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ox · bow
/ 'äks,bō /
An abandoned channel in the course of a river, shaped like a U. We graze our cows on the ancient "oxbows" of the Bitterroot River, where these sub-irrigated fertile remnants of the Bitterroot provide lush feed for grass-finishing cattle.