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Bulk Beef

How much space is needed?

One of the hardest things about buying bulk beef is knowing how much you should order. For example, an Oxbow 1/8th of beef is between 65-70 lbs, but what does that really mean when you are placing frozen steaks, roasts and burger in your freezer?

For smaller shares like our 1/8ths, you will be able to store the meat in a regular-sized freezer in your home fridge. For larger shares, you might want to purchase another freezer, especially if you already have a lot of frozen items in your home fridge. These freezers can often be purchased used, for a fair price, if you are on the lookout.

To give you a better idea of the amount of space needed, our 1/8ths have been measuring around 2 cubic feet. A traditional freezer that sits above your fridge is over 4 cubic feet, so an 1/8th of beef will fit in it no problem.

An 1/8th will need around 2 cubic feet of space. 1/4 = 4 cubic feet, 1/2 = 8 cubic feet, and a whole cow = 16 cubic feet.