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Goat Husbandry Internship Job Announcement


Location: Oxbow Cattle Company

Missoula, Montana

Job Category: Temporary/Seasonal Position

Compensation: – Paid hourly – $8.50/hour

– Intern will receive a $50/month beef/goat meat allowance

Start Date: April 27th, 2020

End Date: October 1st, 2020

Last Date to Apply: April 15th, 2020


Oxbow Cattle Company Mission

-Regenerate the ecosystem

-Respect all animals

-Connect with our community

-Produce high quality and healthy food that nourishes the body and soul.

This position was developed and funded through a partnership with People and Carnivores and Oxbow Cattle Company. The goal of this position is to start a successful goat business for Oxbow Cattle Company while preventing conflicts between our livestock and large carnivores, particularly mountain lions.


-Constructing and deconstructing temporary paddocks out of electric net fencing to target heavily weeded areas

-Daily herding of goats while free-grazing in open pastures

-Placing goats in night paddock daily

-Camping out and tending goats at night as necessary during periods of high carnivore activity.

-Monitoring carnivore activity using trail cameras and other tools.

-Checking goats multiple times a day, including dusk and dawn, assisting with kidding (May 15-June 30), doctoring, and processing

-Caring for our Akbash/Komondor livestock guardian dogs Blue and Sky

-Visually monitoring pasture condition to determine frequency of grazing moves and size/shape of paddocks

-Running transects to determine baseline data of pasture health for future monitoring projects

-Working with Missoula County on grazing weeds on County owned lands -Managing goats on the urban interface as well as managing goats in very wild country, a very unique situation

-Providing an environment that allows our goat operation to succeed with large carnivores that inhabit the land

-Work with Oxbow employees on a daily basis

-Assisting with flood irrigation

-Assisting with the cattle operation when asked

-Work with People and Carnivores to learn and develop best practices to prevent human-carnivore conflicts

-Share camera monitoring data and carnivore activity findings with People and Carnivores on a regular basis.


We move all of our stock on foot or horse back with low-stress stockmanship, and there will be daily opportunities to develop this skill. The herder can expect to operate equipment including 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, drive trucks and trailers, and work with the Oxbow crew. The herder must be physically fit and able to work outside in all weather conditions, and be willing to become wet and dirty on a daily basis. This position provides a large amount of autonomy and responsibility, requiring a self-starting, figure-it-out attitude. This is our first season with goats and we are excited for a dynamic partnership with the right person.

Herder Weekly Schedule:

Monday – 8 hours

Tuesday – 8 hours

Friday – 8 hours

Saturday – 8 hours

Additional Information:

You will be hired as an Independent Contractor. Housing will not be provided. You will be required to carry your own personal cell phone for communication. You will be required to provided your own transportation for all personal use such as travel to and from work.

How to Apply:

Send your resume to [email protected] along with answers to following three questions:

1. What is your definition of regenerative agriculture?

2. Describe what you envision a work day to look like if you receive this position.

3. Describe what a good and contributing team member looks like.

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