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July 2023

Bart Morris

July 12, 2023

BLOG: Building a healthy ecosystem at Oxbow

While we consider ourselves ranchers, we are first and foremost land stewards here at Oxbow. We implement intensive grazing practices with our cows in order to boost the resiliency of the land we call home. We mimic the natural grazing behaviors of the ruminant animals that co-evolved with grasslands by rotating our cattle frequently, often daily, and providing ample recovery time for each pasture. This practice provides our soils with sufficient fertilizer, disturbance through “hoof-action,” and organic matter from dead grasses trampled down to cover and protect bare soil. We use temporary electric fences to ensure our animals are always on the move and decrease any risk of over or under grazing. Because our cows are kept in smaller paddocks than most, they are forced to graze all plants equally instead of selecting only desirable grasses and leaving the invasive, less desirable plants to take over. We’ve seen quick improvement on the land—with both flora and fauna– from these intensive grazing practices and hope to continue our learning with fellow land stewards.

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