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March 2015

Bart Morris

March 31, 2015

How much beef is in an 1/8th?

One of the hardest things about buying bulk beef is knowing how much you should order.  For example, an Oxbow 1/8th of beef is between 65-70 lbs, but what does that really mean when you are placing frozen steaks, roasts and burger in your freezer?  Here is our attempt to explain this.

The 1/8ths we have been selling have been around 1.5-2 cubic feet.  What does that mean?  Well, a traditional freezer that sits above your fridge is over 4 cubic feet, so an 1/8th of beef will fit in it no problem…unless your freezer is jam- packed with other delicious food.  Listed below is the composition of the last few 1/8th we have sold:


  • – Rib Eye steaks 3-4
  • – NY Strip steaks 3-4
  • – Sirloin steaks 2
  • – Tenderloin steaks 1-2
  • – Flat Iron, Flank or Skirt steak 1
  • – Top Round (London Broil) steak 2-3
  • – Bottom Round steak 2-3
  • – Stew meat 2
  • – Brisket 1
  • – Rump roast 1
  • – Chuck roast 2
  • – Arm roast 1
  • – Ribs 2
  • – Burger 22-25lbs

To determine the size of a 1/4 or 1/2 you can double or quadruple the 1/8th information for the most part.  If you have any questions please contact us.



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