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Grass raised & finished
beef, close to home.

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We Do Things A Little Differently Around Here

Oxbow believes that healthy land gives us healthy cows.


We do right by the land, animals & community — even when no one is watching.


We aim to leave the land better tomorrow than we found it today.


Those who believe in our product provide us the opportunity to do what we love.

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Visit Our Farm-2-Market Store

We’re your neighborhood rancher, located 3.8 miles out Lower Miller Creek Road.

“We were at a house on Maloney ranch. They were surprised to know that they were eating something that was living just down the street! Perfect texture on the t bone. No gristle. Nice thick cuts. Thanks guys.”

– Satisfied Customer

“Just fed your beef to my over forty soccer teammates. (Two T-bones, two rib steaks, and two burger packs). They were amazed! I was pleasantly surprised. I was told that grass finished is an acquired taste but I guess it is the preferred taste in my opinion. It tastes like beef is supposed to taste in my mind.”

– From Charlie Sullivan

“Had Oxbow steak again last night  (three thumbs up)!”

– From Dan Propp

“I feel good about feeding Oxbow beef to my two small children, knowing they are getting the highest nutrition and best quality beef around. Thank you for providing Missoula with that option!”

– From Janelle Stauff

“Hi Bart!

The meat is amazing. My family and I absolutely love the flavor. The ground beef has so much more flavor it is making every meal better! I recommend you to everyone I talk to and hopefully some buy from you.

Take care,

– From Stephen

“Love getting meat from Oxbow! Always so delicious!” – Kade & Kennedy

– From Kade & Kennedy

“Thanks for continuing to nourish us when we need it most! I gave up 20 years of vegetarianism for an Oxbow steak. No regrets. I’ve never felt better!”

– From Sarah

“Thanks for all you guys do! Great meat, convenient, family loves it when I come home from the farm store!”

– From Alyssa B

“Hi Bart and Wendy, your meat is the best! So happy I can come to the store and shop! Thank you thank you thank you!”

– From Bobbie

“Thank you so much. This store is a life blood (or good example of the many life-giving parts) of Missoula!”

– From Angela