Oxbow Cattle Company Testimonials

From Aaron Berg

Oxbow Cattle Company beef is raised by a few of the finest individuals on the planet. You will not get a better cared for grass fed cow around. It is truly the best grass fed and finished beef you will ever eat. I will never order beef from anyone else ever again.


From Janelle Stauff

I feel good about feeding Oxbow beef to my two small children, knowing they are getting the highest nutrition and best quality beef around. Thank you for providing Missoula with that option!

From Stephan in California

Hi Bart!

The meat is amazing.   My family and I absolutely love the flavor.  The ground beef has so much more flavor it is making every meal better!  I recommend you to everyone I talk to and hopefully some buy from you.

Take care,

Satisfied Customer

We were at a house on Maloney ranch. They were surprised to know that they were eating something that was living just down the street until 6/25/14! Perfect texture on the t bone. No gristle. Nice thick cuts. Thanks guys.

From Charlie Sullivan

Just fed your beef to my over forty soccer teammates. (Two T-bones, two rib steaks, and two burger packs). They were amazed! I was pleasantly surprised. I was told that grass finished is an acquired taste but I guess it is the preferred taste in my opinion. It tastes like beef is supposed to taste in my mind.

From Jennie and Dave

Top sirloin. Orange street food farm. It is AMAZING!

From Jennie and Dave

Wow. It’s incredible! Dave just said he’s sure you ‘get texts like this all the time now’

Happy Customer

Oxbow beef! It’s what for dinner

From Dan Propp

Had Oxbow steak again last night  (three thumbs up)!

From Andrea in Seattle

We are enjoying the beef.  It is the BEST grass fed beef we’ve ever had :).

From Barb Samsoe

My gosh, we had THE BEST steaks at a recent Chamber of Commerce dinner. When we asked Front Street Market where they got the beef they responded, “We get our beef from Oxbow Cattle Company.” The beef was tender, tender, tender and absolutely delicious

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ox · bow
/ 'äks,bō /
An abandoned channel in the course of a river, shaped like a U. We graze our cows on the ancient "oxbows" of the Bitterroot River, where these sub-irrigated fertile remnants of the Bitterroot provide lush feed for grass-finishing cattle.