We understand that our livelihood depends on the health and resilience of the land where we graze our herds. Though we value our livestock and strive to give them the highest standard of care, we believe our most important task is the good stewardship of the streams, foothills, forests and grasslands where we work.



The land we are tasked with caring for is wild and remote, yet it is located right next to Missoula.  We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to graze our cows on the Miller Creek and Sapphire Ranches, not to mention to have our home, the Oxbow Cattle Company Headquarters, located smack dab in the middle.

ox · bow
/ 'äks,bō /
An abandoned channel in the course of a river, shaped like a U. We graze our cows on the ancient "oxbows" of the Bitterroot River, where these sub-irrigated fertile remnants of the Bitterroot provide lush feed for grass-finishing cattle.